ParMarLow Dual Muff Behind the Head Headsets

ParMarLow offers two dual muff behind the head headsets











ParMarLow PTT Adapters for Headsets

ParMarLow offers three PTT Adapters for use with the HD-PWH1208/91 Behind the Head Headset.

The popular HD-PTT1000 design comes standard on all systems. It features a rugged belt clip and easily accessible button that can be placed conveniently on the user’s belt or jacket.

The HD-PTT2000 is specifically designed to be easily accessible through bulky clothing or with gloved hands. The PTT can be activated by arm or elbow for hands-free operation. The HD-PTT2000 is the best choice for Haz-Mat and Fire Personnel.

The HD-PTT3000 offers additional flexibility with a 2.5mm jack for use with a remote PTT switch. The recessed PTT button protects against accidental activations yet offers a large enough surface for use with gloved hands. The HD-PTT3000 is best for SWAT and other tactical team personnel.