HD-PWH1210 series- ParMarLow Dual Muff High Noise Headsets

Dual Muff High Noise Headset and Hardhat Headset Highlights
Noise Canceling Microphone: The ParMarLow HD-PWH1210 series features an acoustic noise canceling design. Both the front and rear of the microphone diaphragm is exposed to the ambient noise. The resulting effect produces a phase shift of 180 degrees, front to back, providing the noise canceling characteristics.

Flexible Boom Mike: The adjustable boom mike, with windscreen, can easily be placed at the recommended position of within one half inch of the operators lips for maximum attainable noise canceling.

Comfort: Lightweight (14 oz), Large – Soft earpads, Replaceable headband pad. Additional head strap allows for the wearing of a hardhat or cap. Ear Muff mounted PTT switch (Cable mounted PTT switch optional).

ParMarLow Support: ParMarLow offers easily replaceable headband pad, earpads and cable kits that extend the life of your ParMarLow HD-PWH1210 series headsets.



The ParMarLow Dual Muff Headsets are designed to provide communications in the noisiest environments. The high impact plastic dual muff design attenuates the ambient noise to the user, allowing the monitoring of radio communications at comfortable levels. The noise canceling boom microphone transmits intelligible speech in noise environments exceeding 110db SPL. The goose neck boom design allows for optimum placement of the microphone directly at the user’s mouth, for maximum noise canceling operation. The HD-PWH1210 and HD-PWH1211 are comfortable, easy to use and dependable, at a competitive price.

The HD-PWH1211 installs in the headgear slots built into the users safety helmet. The cabling between muffs is run through the webbing in the hard hat. The muff attachment arms have a spring clip that allows the muffs to be swung away from the ears when not in use. Hardhat not included with HD-PWH1211.

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