Key Fob Camera

This surveillance key fob is one of the latest methods of recording both video and audio with one single unit. Now with high resolution in both video and photo operations. The Resolution may be set by the operator.
The built-in battery is high capacity lithium. For video the battery is good for an hour plus. The charge cable has a video out for playing in to a TV or monitor.

  • Features:
    Covert Operation
    Battery Powered
    Audio & Video
    One Hour of Recordingin HD
    12 Mega Pixels
    Up to 32 Gb Memory (TF)
    AVI Video Format


Part Number – KSC-KF-3

  • Specifications:
    DVR Built-in
    Recording Time Depends on SD Card
    Camera 12 Mega Pixels
    Video Format AVI 1280 x 720
    Image Format 4032 x 3024 JPEG
    Weight 20G
    Power Required 5 Vdc
    Media Storage Up to 32 G Micro SD Card
    Time & Date Yes
    USB A/V Out and Charger input